We all have life experiences, fears, challenging feelings, or trauma which shape how we behave and respond in the world. In response, we cultivate narratives, defenses, judgments, and behavioral patterns to protect ourselves and navigate the world and our relationships. While these protections may serve us at some point in our lives, if we don’t consciously evolve, we run the risk of getting stuck in survival mode.

Are you ready to heal and feel at peace in your life?

Learning to get out of our own way is one of the greatest freedoms we can experience.

“I always feel incredibly lucky to have found you and work so closely with you. What you provided is priceless and ongoing.” 

“Priceless and ongoing”

what people are saying


No matter how our issues manifest- anxiety, migraines, stomach issues, self-sabotage- the antidote to healing is always within us, waiting to be cultivated and put to use. I take a non-pathologizing approach to wellness in which we explore the root of these symptoms, learn to heal our triggers, and work together to create an actionable plan for shifting imbalances and living authentically in our lives. 

My integrative style fuels your psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being with deep, lasting shifts. We interrupt and replace old patterns with thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that serve you. Most importantly, you will learn how to live from a place of genuine trust in yourself and the intuitive flow of energy that guides us all, so you can truly be free from past limitations. 

How we expand and improve our understanding of our personal process means the difference between surviving and thriving.

“I wanted to thank you again for your care! I did it! I did what I had to do in my life. It feels so good and it’s a new phase of honoring myself and letting go. Also, I’m seeing the world differently. I’m not feeling as conditioned by my past anymore. I’m more open to people and I’m seeing that the world is better and more joyful and loving than I thought. It’s amazing to experience this transformation as I go. Thank you!”

“It's a new phase of honoring myself”

what people are saying


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