Group work is a vessel for learning how to engage more powerfully with the world and to experience the kind of intimacy so many of us lack in social circles. Through an experiential mix of traditional psychotherapy, teaching, and interactive exercises, you’ll discover new tools and expand your capacity to grow alongside incredible like-minded souls. Learn to listen to your gut, clear out blockages, and use your inner guidance to access the best version of yourself.


The breakthroughs and unexpected bonds that occur are such a reprieve from what most of us typically experience in groups. You feel more alive and energized when you get to show up as yourself with others.

“So many times I think back to the workshop as a tool for healing, growing, and problem solving. I feel like there is no way you leave without being changed in some way.” 

“A Tool for Healing”

what people are saying


Whether you are a growth and development veteran or newcomer, you will enjoy a welcoming, expansive environment in which to strengthen your emotional and social intelligence.

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Groups meet once a week over the course of 6 weeks.





Workshops meet for a deep-dive intensive on a particular day or weekend.


“These workshops help me to get to a higher place of self-awareness and motivate me to want to be the best version of myself. I got a sense of peace and felt centered and I am grateful for that. Thank you for your beautiful work.”

“higher place of self-awareness”

what people are saying


Deeper intimacy, connection, and communication in your relationships to yourself and others

Emotional and energetic shifts that leave you feeling open, grounded, and motivated

More alignment between your values, beliefs, and behaviors

Lasting calm and centeredness

The self-reliance of being your own best teacher 

Benefits of our groups and workshops are

Increased self-trust and confidence to take action in your life


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