I work with dynamic companies that value their employees and operate with transparency, care, and consciousness to positively impact the world. Together, we can elevate and expand on what’s possible for your future.

Group dynamics work best when they are healthy, uplifting, and collaborative. When everyone feels valued and purposeful, workflow is more productive and efficient. My work with organizations provides the tools, awareness, and consciousness to create sustainable workplace health.

Taking care of your employees is not just the right thing to do, it enhances and energizes your organization.

“Lara's keen insight to the needs of our organization enabled a conversation that served to inspire teams, build trust, and strengthen corporate culture. Lara encouraged participants to see through the lens of a growth mindset, empowering our organization with actionable tactics to meet personal, professional, and organizational goals.” 

“strengthen corporate culture”

what people are saying

-Kiran Karnani, Director of Marketing, Leica Camera 

What would your work environment look like with more conscious communication and collaboration?

My corporate programs are refreshingly fun, interactive, and engaging. They include everything from healthy conflict resolution to stress management to manifesting abundance. Simplifying and destigmatizing mental health concepts makes room for honest, productive, and powerful conversations and change.
As individuals and organizations, the better we understand ourselves and how we operate, the more efficient, productive, and effortless our work output becomes. The foundation we build fosters a new mindset and culture of wellness. It’s amazing how the collective energy can transform once these new skills are introduced.

foundational work

Understanding, embracing, and benefitting from every emotion

Simplifying and destigmatizing mental and emotional health



Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

Teaching active, empathetic listening and observing

Building conscious, clear, and confident communication/ interpersonal relationships:



Setting and respecting boundaries

Clarifying healthy expressing versus unhealthy reacting



Modeling anger management and conflict resolutionSetting and respecting boundaries

Preventing burnout

Understanding and creating work-life balance



Defining and practicing self-care (it’s not what you think!) 

Being your own sustainable, renewable source of energy



Managing and preventing stress, anxiety, and depression 


Building healthy mental and behavioral habits through mindfulness 

Exploring what does it really mean to be well?

Elevating emotional intelligence (self-awareness)



Learning how to cultivate a healthy inner voice (and listen to it)Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable


Exercising non-judgment, empathy, and encouragement toward ourselves and others

Building cohesive team work (that goes deeper than surface activities)Preventing burnout

Facilitating a more positive, supportive work environment



Unblocking and manifesting goals

Cultivating practical, applicable tools for success, growth, and abundance


Foster a new mindset and culture of wellness

“Lara is a fun, engaging teacher who knows how to motivate and inspire individuals to contribute their best to the team. She connects on a deep level and offers insights for actionable, transformational change on both the professional and personal level.”

“She connects on a deep level”

what people are saying

-Nikki Ostrower, Owner, NAO Wellness

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