Hi, I’m Lara. I am a licensed psychotherapist with a holistic view on behavioral, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. There is a widely accepted notion that if you experience depression, anxiety, or even suicidal thoughts, there is something wrong with you.

My perspective is that these symptoms carry pertinent information that can show us where we need to bring the light to access our knowing. What we need most is to learn how to listen to that inner wisdom and utilize the information that is ultimately revealed.

Integrative Therapist


As a deeply sensitive person, I have always experienced my own feelings and the feelings of others intensely and immensely. I did not know how to regulate or turn down the volume on this sensitivity, which always left me feeling like an outsider. It seemed like everybody was doing this life stuff so smoothly and I was just not quite there. While I did spend many years wondering what was wrong with me, I also had a deep intuition that I wasn’t alone in how I felt. There had to be something greater out there. 

knowing that deep,

love, peace, and connection exist.



I have always had an

I have traveled around the world, pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and tried out different relationships. I have spent years diving deep into therapy, group work, personal development, spiritual and holistic modalities, and education. I have been relentless in my determination to know my purpose deeply and to access joy in my own life. Through my journey, and with the help of many amazing teachers, I have learned (and continue to learn) the humble art of getting out of my own way.

As a result of this instinct, I went seeking.

Doing this work is a daily practice that allows us to clear out blockages so we can live in the Divine flow of life.

Love & acceptance

As the poet Rumi wrote, “the wound is where the light enters you.” I know what it is like to feel alone, terrified, different, stuck, anxious, rageful, shame-filled and every other emotion on the spectrum. I also know how to embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly to become fully actualized and thrive. The intuition I had that a flourishing existence is possible turned out to be right.

If you are reading this, on some level, you also have an instinct that there is more to life than whatever you may be experiencing now. If this resonates with you, I welcome you to trust yourself, reach out, and take a step toward living the life you deserve.

With love and acceptance,


The hindrance of my younger years turned out to be the exact thing that guides me in my work and enhances my ability to connect with others today. 


Bring out the best in your team with fun, interactive workshops.



Enlightening, interactive workshops with like-minded spirits.



Embark on a journey to conscious, connected, and intimate relationships.


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Access your inner Knowing for lasting peace and a life filled with purpose.


Healing is a skill that can be taught, and that concept is a game-changer. Together, we get to the root of presenting issues with a guided understanding of your personal process, strategic feather-ruffling, and tools that move you forward with consistency in the areas of life that mean the most to you. 

An empowering, sustainable approach

Learn to live from your highest Self.

Discover your true path forward.

Get connected & inspired like never before. 

Give the gift of growth.

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