Otis is a mellow yellow English Lab is a who has been my co-therapist since he was 3 months old. His grounding, calm presence brings levity and sweetness to our sessions. Otis has mastered the art of caring less, unattachment, napping, and finding snacks in random places. He enjoys eating, belly rubs, and leisurely walks.  

C.G.B. (Certified Good Boy)

Meet Otis


Bring out the best in your team with fun, interactive workshops.



Enlightening, interactive workshops with like-minded spirits.



Embark on a journey to conscious, connected, and intimate relationships.


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Access your inner Knowing for lasting peace and a life filled with purpose.


Healing is a skill that can be taught, and that concept is a game-changer. Together, we get to the root of presenting issues with a guided understanding of your personal process, strategic feather-ruffling, and tools that move you forward with consistency in the areas of life that mean the most to you. 

An empowering, sustainable approach

Learn to live from your highest Self.

Discover your true path forward.

Get connected & inspired like never before. 

Give the gift of growth.

Get the most out of your therapy with these 5 tips to ensure you feel empowered and confident about your sessions. Plus stay in the know about exclusive workshops and events. 

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